Group Equipment Program /

for a balanced body workout on the Pilates Apparatus

Group Equipment Classes

If you are looking for a complete balanced body session, The Group Equipment Class is for you. The class exercises are designed to create the lean and toned muscles your body deserves. Most importantly, the aim is to improve mobility and strength of the spine in every direction: flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation. You’ll leave the studio feeling balanced, energized, longer, leaner, and Straight Up! Utilizing the most innovative equipment from Balanced Body as well as providing you with experienced and fully Comprehensive certified Pilates instructors, you’ll receive nothing but the optimum pilates experience each and every time.

Group equipment introductory offer

Buy one class, get one free

This is an introductory offer for new clients, buy your first class and receive your next class for free!

Starter kit $250

Starter Kit $250

The Starter kit is a great way to prepare you for Group Equipment Classes.  It will teach you the basic moves and principles to help you feel at home and comfortable in the Group Equipment Class setting.

The kit includes:

Your first Initial Private Pilates Session

3 further Private Pilates Sessions

& your first Group Equipment Class

Monthly Equipment Membership $199

Monthly Equipment Membership $199

This Monthly Equipment Membership Contract is between you and Straight Up Pilates Studio. This Membership includes the following:

$199/month for up to 10 Pilates Equipment classes each month at Straight Up Pilates Studio, paying as low as $19.90 per class (a savings of $15.10 per class)

$0 Membership sign-up fee!

50% off any additional classes after the 10 monthly classes ($17.50 per class)

Unlimited advanced sign-ups for classes

Hassle-free automated credit card payment

Membership is a 6-month contract and will automatically renew after 6 months. If you choose to not continue the automatic membership renewal, your membership can be cancelled with no cost or penalty by completing & submitting a Membership Cancellation Request Form at the studio at least 30 days before your last billing cycle.

Feel free to contact us for more details.

Group Equipment Packages

best value!!!!

30 classes – $750
$25 per class
(A $10 saving per class)

better value!!!

20 classes – $540
$27 per class
(A $8 saving per class)

good value!!!

10 classes – $300
$30 per class
(A $5 saving per class)


Drop-In Class $35
Try a class before
you buy a package.

Please Note:

The Group Equipment Program Packages can be shared and transferred but are non-refundable.

You can use these classes for any class at Straight Up Pilates Studio and they are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The Monthly Group Equipment Membership is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be shared.