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With the capabilities we have in place, we not only want to help recognize personal goals, but provide an inviting, homely atmosphere for clients to practice and not feel the need to perform. We stand as a place to achieve a truly priceless health advantage and constant remedy: physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Amy graduated from DePaul University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. She has traveled the world as a Professional Skydiver and a recreational pilates client. Now, she has taken pilates up as her career through Balanced Body University and truly enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and teaching them about the principles behind Pilates. She now trains herself with Pilates for skydiving competitions as well as trains her skydiving students using Pilates!

“I have always been the kind of person to welcome a challenge, make the best out of each and every day, and believe in forms of movement that enhance activity in spirit through a mind body connection. What I do in skydiving is a bit different, yet it follows these same guidelines to help me strengthen myself from the inside, out.”


Melanie comes to Pilates with a competitive athlete background, training as a swimmer through college, and then triathlons and distance running later on.  She has used Pilates for years as a form of cross training and injury rehabilitation. Melanie also has working knowledge of pre and post natal exercises, based on her experiences through her recent pregnancy.   She is trained through BASI Pilates and also certified as a MELT Hand and Foot instructor.


Melanie also has a Masters in Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate University, and maintains a home studio where she continues to draw and paint. She taught art to children and adults in the Los Angeles area before deciding to go back to her athletic roots.


Jessica brings a whole new kettle of fish to Straight Up Pilates!  A Qualified Yoga Instructor, A Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and a Les Mills Bodypump instructor.  You name it, she can make you work it, lose it and move it!

Originally from Fallbrook, we are lucky that she has just recently moved back into town and ready to add an additional string to the Straight Up pilates family bow!



With an education background in Kinesiology, Leah fits right into the pilates world! Her knowledge of human anatomy in relation to movement, her recreational hobby in water sports (hey river season fans!) as well as being a pilates practitioner herself, is making it easy for her to develop her new career in teaching pilates.

“Learn to love the burn!” Cross training with pilates not only helped her to run more efficiently, but also with proper form and alignment. She truly believes that pilates should be apart of a happy healthy lifestyle.


With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry Krista comes to Straight Up Pilates with a dose of Aloha.  Originally raised on Oahu in the town of Kailua.  Krista comes from a fitness background and was motivated by her brother Mark at a young age, who had a show called Body Shaping and was also a Men’s Fitness model and contributor for many years.  She has a background in dance and was a cheerleader in high school  With certifications in TRX, Barre, Fitness, Spin, Kickboxing, Resistance training and many more she is currently working on her BASI Pilates Certification.  Krista is known for her positive attitude and is a motivator.  She has been a Director for two Fitness Centers and now resides in Fallbrook.  She currently works for a high end fitness spa locally and is thrilled to join our team and spread her passion for fitness with her clients.


Shelley has a deep awareness of the body’s ability to heal itself.  She has embraced a lifelong adventure of studying diverse modalities that support the body to maximize individual potential. Integrating the body, mind, and soul connection is the foundation of her approach to activating vibrance. She is certified through Core Conditioning and completed her Pilates training at Centerpoint Pilates in Santa Barbara.  Shelley studied at Fort Lewis College and the Silver Sword Academy of Healing Arts in Durango, Colorado, graduating as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has experience working with trauma, treating clients recovering from severe physical trauma and pain rehabilitation. She also works with professional athletes for peak performance and anyone looking to gain awareness, power, control and freedom in their body.  By connecting to tension patterns held in the body, Shelley guides her clients to locate and release restrictions that compromise alignment. This encourages connection with the essential core- both physical and emotional.  Through dedication to breath and deep physical clarity, this work allows for prime core functioning.  Her clients experience increased strength, amazing posture and confidence in the way they feel and look in their body.


Ali is a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor and a Certified ACE Personal Trainer.
She was born and raised here in Fallbrook, CA in the mid-70’s. Ali kept busy running on the Fallbrook Track team, Volleyball, and Julian Basketball and Softball teams. Her parents moved to the mountains of Julian, where she finished high school with athletics keeping her happy and occupied.
Physical activity and sports were always a huge part of her life but there seemed to be no room in her collage life due to her academics when she attended California State University Chico. Here was a problem, and a problem for any human when they do not get mental relief in the form of physical movement. She joined the collegiate Chico State Lacrosse team and was happy again. After she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science, Recreation and Hotel Management, she moved to Lake Tahoe to practice her new specialty as a “professional recreater” (If there is such a thing?) Long hours of middle management at a local hotel and once again, a lack of physical activity, lead Ali back to school, studying anatomy and physiology at Palomar College.
In 2000, she started working at LA Fitness with a motivated group of personal trainers and received her first fitness certification from the American Council of Exercise, from here blossomed a lifelong journey of profession health and wellbeing. She then moved to Maui with the love of her life and started her new found career in Fitness. Working for a variety of hotels and gyms in and around West Maui. In 2006 Ali found Pilates after a weight-lifting injury. It was all she had dreamed of, mind body work through stability, core conditioning, balance, strengthening and cardio (jump board when needed) Ali loved it so much that she got her Mat and Reformer STOTT Certification and opened a Pilates studio all in one year. After a prosperous 10 years of business, marriage, and two children, she returns to her sleeping town of Fallbrook to share her love of Pilates with this community.
“Today is the first day of the Rest of your life…” – Ali Bodick


We would like to introduce and welcome Adrianne, the newest member to join our team at Straight Up Pilates.  She recently relocated from Virginia Beach, VA, where she has taught Pilates for the past 10 years!  Adrianne received her degree in Exercise Science from Longwood University and continued to expand her education in body movement by becoming a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor, along with many other highly recognized certifications.

Adrianne enjoys providing and participating in a sensible, safe, and intelligent approach to exercise that is ideal for longevity. She focuses on functional training, addressing muscular imbalances, and feels that Pilates is one of the most well-rounded exercise options for everyone. She says, “Once my students have made the commitment to show up for themselves, I love being the person to lead them through tailored workouts specific to their body. The consistent results never cease to amaze me.”


It’s important for the client to choose a place that they can feel comfortable, receive the highest quality of instruction, and achieve their fitness goals efficiently. We provide you with this through a contemporary Pilates Style, yet still follow the Pilates Principles, grounded in a deep knowledge of optimal body alignment in each exercise.


“The new studio is so warm and inviting. I always leave feeling energized, relaxed and ready to take on the world when I leave”

- Amy Chmelecki - Athlete

“I was introduced to Pilates by Amy, the owner. It opened a world of core fitness I didn’t know existed. I highly recommend seeing them, just located in a beautiful setting north of San Diego County”

- Andy Malchiodi - Extreme Athlete

“When I found out I was pregnant I was very eager and excited to start Prenatal Pilates with Amy at Straight Up Pilates.  When I went in to sign up for the first time I was greeted with a genuine smile and kindness.  Amy began discussing my personal journey for the next 30 weeks.  At that time I knew I was going to be in good hands.  Amy was extremely educated and knowledgeable about everything that was happening to my body at this time.  She always asked how I was feeling during our sessions and made sure I was comfortable every time I was there.  Each trimester she gave me worksheets to share with my midwife and gave me great advice on what to eat and even stretches I could be doing at home.  Every work out was geared to my personal needs and she gave me tips and different strategies to practice in preparation for labour.  She took weekly pictures of me in various Pilates positions and gave me a beautiful picture collage album after I had my baby.  My labour was very calm and relaxing thanks to all the work outs and advice Amy had given me (I only had to push for 19 mins!)  Amy had prepared my mind and body to go through such a physical and emotional experience.  I loved every minute of our Prenatal work outs and I would highly recommend Amy and her Prenatal Pilates to anyone who is expecting. ”

- Samantha - Happy mother of two!